Coach Graeber

There is one man who defies them all… GRAEBER! He’s a football coach, batman, and a celebrity. Coach Graeber is a football and gym coach at West Ridge Middle School. Coach Graeber is batman because he has never been seen in the same room as batman and Bruce Wayne is just Graebers decoy. Graeber also has many gadgets like his famous graeberang and his Gray-Bear which he rides while on his adventures. Coach Graeber is my inspiration, I’ve always wanted to Graeber smash like he does… All of these reasons make for why Coach Graeber is the coolest person ever.


You may think New Mexico is boring… Well you’re wrong! My family and I go to New Mexico every year to a place called Ruidoso. Ruidoso is the greatest place in the world, it’s got everything from skiing to golf.
In Ruidoso you skii at the Apache mountains. My family owns a condo right by a golf course, tennis court, and even a swimming pool. In downtown Ruidoso you can find amazing pizza, cool candy shops, and just about any soveneir store your looking for. These are the things that make Ruidoso the great place it is.

House of Torment

You may think that the scariest part of October is Halloween. Nope, it’s the House of Torment. Where monsters will haunt and ghosts will creep. The House of Torment is located at the highland mall and has three buildings. The House of Torment has been voted multiple times for the scariest haunted house in the United States. It’s got everything from cyborgs to Dead pirates. In the first house you will see haunted temples with deadly mummies and Pharos. In the second house you will see deadly pirates and frightening Frankensteins. Last but not least, in the third house you will find psychopathic men chasing you with real chainsaws. All of these things sum up the House of Torment to be the scariest place in the world.

The Pit

Soccer Practice Pano
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Phil Snyder via CompfightBefore

Today is the first Westlake home game. They play Temple who they should beat even after losing to cedar park. The pit is a place where students from both Hill Country and West Ridge go for the games. The pit is a great way to hang out with friends and spend your day!

It all started out when my dad pulled up at the Westlake stadium. My dad and I got out of the car and I got into the pit for free wearing my Westridge middle school  football T-shirt. Once I walked in I stepped into a party. I met of with my friends and then we all started walking and talking and searching for money.  Westlake was sadly being beat badly, but on the other hand I was having a great time, whether it was with boys or girls and Wildcats or Cougars. Later in the game as time was running low Westlake had somehow taken the lead. The Temple quarterback snapped the ball with three seconds left. He rolled out of the pocket, searching for an open receiver. He threw the ball at the edge of the end zone as the ball persued into the receivers hands, and… He dropped it. Westlake had won, what a finish it was and a great way to complete my day.